Teen In Space

by Adam Stenner on June 27, 2017

Ken Ingle's Latest Title, Teens In Space

It was supposed to be a pleasure trip, a reward for their graduation. But the ten teens, kidnapped by minions of a galactic dictator, are thrust into a war that isolates them; keeping home a distant wish.
Rescued, their liberator must train teens who have never spaced, to fly a spaceship. Young Matt Harmon has his leadership tested by rebellious fellow teens, android robots, and beings from another dimension—the continuum. Kenneth Ingle delivers exciting space action as the group of teens struggle with coming of age, the sudden onset of adult responsibilities, powerful enemies and the drive to return to their families.


The Last Starship

by Adam Stenner on June 21, 2017

Ken Ingle's Latest Title, The Last Starship

Captain Bohrs Trumble returned from a three-year expedition, only to find Galactica a burned cinder. No one escaped the terrible carnage. Every ship guarding the home world destroyed. Nothing, not even a blade of grass survived. That proved the fate of each planet he checked. Using what he had, every tactic, every trick, determined to stop the annihilation of the humans in space, Bohrs, with one ship fought back.


The Big Switch

by Adam Stenner on June 21, 2017

Ken Ingle's Latest Title, The Big Switch

Did Gutenberg print the valuable Callixtus Bull or not. Fifteen highly qualified scholars gathered to make that judgment. Before the decision, the unspeakable, someone destroyed the precious aged vellum. Or did they? Crossed and double crossed, reputations meant nothing as notables came under suspicion. R.P. Gavin, FBI agent Colette Dancy and Dallas Detective Phillip Brusse, had to buck their own, and with the involvement of a crime kingpin, find the truth.


Freedom’s Hammer

March 11, 2016

The Viridian system, ruled by a ruthless oligarch who enforces their will by mass deportations to a prison planet, seems impervious to attack. A huge army, a massive spy system and an army of robotic cops track down and destroy any resistance. For Greg Trumble, just staying alive is a challenge. Arrested and sentenced to […]

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Pirates of the Void

September 20, 2014

Despite Joshua Penrose having given up pirating years earlier, some elements of the Braeden Navy still looked for an opportunity to fulfil the twenty year old warrant from their queen to hang the pirate. On a leisure spaceflight, Joshua and his wife were captured and hanged without trial. His family, now led by his eldest […]

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Galactic Freighter: Scourage of the Deep Space Pirates

January 1, 2014

Spacer Buck Fryman emerges from the local lockup with a dream and a plan. He’ll go into business himself, as a space freighter. He’ll take the dangerous routes, sail fast without waiting for the convoys normally needed for pirate protection, and if a pirate does decide to take him on, he’ll prove that he’s not […]

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The Queen’s Best: Chronicle of the Best of the Best (Contact)

June 23, 2013

Few get the call to become a Grenadier and even fewer for the coveted Best of the Best. James Byerley saved the life of the soon to be queen of Prominia as her father, the king, is assassinated. Byerley is named to lead the Grenadiers charged with her safety. Answering the call of the Federation […]

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Third Contact – Chronicle on the Seeds of Orion (Contact Series)

March 31, 2012

Sole survivor of a ruthless attack on his planet, Joshua Penrose vows revenge on the men who destroyed his home. Through a combination of skill and being in the right place at the right time, Joshua gets control of an abandoned Braeden corvette warship and claims salvage rights. The kingdom of Braeden rejects Joshua’s salvage […]

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Second Contact – Chronicle on the Seeds of Orion (Contact Series)

January 9, 2012

A generation ago, a small group of humans fled Earth to make a new home. New Earth forms a fragile alliance with its former alien enemies to combat an invasion by Old Earth. Outnumbered, the combined forces of alien and New Earth and the leaders suspect that even victory may be temporary. To ensure what […]

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First Contact – Escape to 55 Cancri (Contact Series)

August 20, 2011

A lab explosion results in a group of scientists who now age very slowly. Long life doesn’t seem like a problem, but Maria Presk knows their secret can’t be kept forever. There’s no place on Earth where Maria and the others can be safe, so she comes up with an ambitious plan–they’ll build a spaceship […]

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