Book Ken to Speak

Book Ken to SpeakJune 1996, Ken quit the professional world after having owned a company, served as executive VP, as president of another, in order to write. The former Navy man, father of three, grandfather of six, and great-grandfather of one has completed nine novels, four science fiction, and three mysteries. Two additional books are scheduled for release in 2013. Come hear, learn, and understand the book industry from one who has succeeded in the industry and continues to write.

Writing & Being a Writer Topics:


  • The Inside Scoop on Traditional Book Publishing (15 minutes)
  • A Writer’s Life, Everything You Want to Know (12 minutes)
  • A Journey from Idea to Story (15 minutes)
  • Adding Stress to Your Characters/Writing (30 minutes)

Business Topics:


  • The Three Elements that Make Up a Business Letter (15 minutes)
  • Word games (15 minutes, audience participation.)
  • Stress: How to Deal With It (18 minutes)

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