Cross the Styx: And Dance with the Devil

by Ken Ingle on March 25, 2010

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James Clayton is given a simple choice: either he reverses his buy decision on a proposed acquisition, or he dies. Clayton picks none of the above, defending his recommendation and fighting back against the killers sent to punish him. Unfortunately, he hasn’t just taken on a few angry executives–the head of a powerful Russian organized crime organization has it in for Clayton. And when organized crime gets involved, one man becomes a pretty small cog. They’re not only coming for Clayton, they’re coming after his friends and his new girlfriend as well. As Clayton sees it, standing still guarantees defeat. Still, what can one man do against professional killers and billions of dollars in assets all bent on wiping him out?

Author Kenneth E. Ingle delivers a fast-paced thriller as Clayton battles the Russian mob in Dallas, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and finally Russia itself. Clayton makes a sympathetic hero–imperfect, but with good intentions and the ability to think quickly in a crisis.

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