First Contact – Escape to 55 Cancri (Contact Series)

by Ken Ingle on August 20, 2011

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A lab explosion results in a group of scientists who now age very slowly. Long life doesn’t seem like a problem, but Maria Presk knows their secret can’t be kept forever. There’s no place on Earth where Maria and the others can be safe, so she comes up with an ambitious plan–they’ll build a spaceship and travel to the stars. Fortunately, their long lives mean that they’ll be able to survive the decades of travel at sub light speeds.

Escaping to the stars sounds good in concept. What Maria isn’t prepared for, though, is that other civilizations already lay claim to the planets and space resources in 55 Cancri–and indeed, everywhere in space. Maria’s ship, designed for escape, not for conflict is no match for the aliens. She and the others face dangers in space at least as great as those they fled from on Earth.

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