Second Contact – Chronicle on the Seeds of Orion (Contact Series)

by Ken Ingle on January 9, 2012

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A generation ago, a small group of humans fled Earth to make a new home. New Earth forms a fragile alliance with its former alien enemies to combat an invasion by Old Earth. Outnumbered, the combined forces of alien and New Earth and the leaders suspect that even victory may be temporary. To ensure what they have accomplished survives, a small number of their group seek another planet. Named New Hope, it carries the same will to do what humans have always done–survive.

Engaged in war, vast fleets of starships navigate for position while clever admirals and hardworking spies seek the opportunity for an advantage. New Earth has a technology edge, but the billions of humans still on Old Earth, and now expanding into the galaxy, seem to create an unstoppable force. New Hope attempts to stay alive in a universe filled with pirates, pirate states, and those desperate for the long life gene.

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