Third Contact – Chronicle on the Seeds of Orion (Contact Series)

by Ken Ingle on March 31, 2012

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Sole survivor of a ruthless attack on his planet, Joshua Penrose vows revenge on the men who destroyed his home. Through a combination of skill and being in the right place at the right time, Joshua gets control of an abandoned Braeden corvette warship and claims salvage rights. The kingdom of Braeden rejects Joshua’s salvage claims forcing him into the role he most feared–that of pirate. However, he is a pirate with a different stripe; he doesn’t kill his victims.

Joshua gathers a dedicated crew and develops the reputation of one of the top pirates in human space. Braeden’s Queen and Joshua play a deadly game of cat and mouse using each other to their advantage. Joshua is willing to play the game–he may be the mouse, but he’s a mouse with very sharp teeth.

Only Joshua knows that he carries the long life gene… something that will allow him to outlive his enemies if they don’t kill him first, but that would also make him the most valuable commodity in the human part of the galaxy. They also don’t know that his heritage, born of the descendants of the original colonization ship Orion, gives him some unusual advantages in what is a largely unequal battle.

Third Contact continues author Kenneth E. Ingle’s Contact: Seeds of Orion series with plenty of space action, double-crosses and adventure.

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