Freedom’s Hammer

by Adam Stenner on March 11, 2016

Ken Ingle's Latest Title, Freedom's Hammer

The Viridian system, ruled by a ruthless oligarch who enforces their will by mass deportations to a prison planet, seems impervious to attack. A huge army, a massive spy system and an army of robotic cops track down and destroy any resistance. For Greg Trumble, just staying alive is a challenge. Arrested and sentenced to the prison planet Abradus, Trumble learns it is the headquarters of a group determined to overthrow their cruel masters. Convinced to join the rebellion, Greg is assigned to a prototype shop building a fighter capable of space, air, and under water performance. The enemy had nothing to compete with this marvel. Trained in intelligence gathering, the skills needed to survive a deadly war, Greg returned to Viridian. Jessica Garcia headed the rebel fighters and Greg supplied the intelligence needed to defeat their cruel leaders. But in war, nothing is as it seems once the first shot is fired. Greg’s involvement becomes more than information gathering. He must fight. His main weapon, the air/space fighter he helped design.


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